tors, software engineer

Hi. I'm Tors, a buildooor.

I'm currenty a Senior Software Engineer at Bux's crypto department where I work on crypto deposits, consolidation, and Fireblocks integration. Bux is a fintech scale-up with the aim to be the number 1 neobroker in Europe.

Since 2011, I spent most of my buildooor time in adtech and helped build self-serve DSP (Demand-Side Platform) as a fullstack engineer.

I got into crypto in 2017 in a golang conference where the speakers talked about Bitcoin and Ethereum. In that year, I managed to lure my boss into crypto and we launched a small crypto exchange in Singapore. We decided to close it down in 2018 due regulatory uncertainty and lack of funding.

In 2019, I had the opportunity to join WeTransfer and lead their programmatic advertising efforts to maximize revenue from their 80 MILLION monthly active users. The team grew and I was promoted to engineering manager for a year but decided to go all-in on crypto / web3 in early 2022.

I'm open to chat about defi projects & opportunities in the fintech space.